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One of the non-traditional advertising channels used by advertisers are the social networking sites. Facebook is one of the many sites thatuse targeted advertising as a way to promote products, services, or ideas. This strategy is one of the fastest growing ways to advertise here in the Philippines since more than 94% of Filipino Internet users have Facebook accounts. A new study conducted by PhD students Edson Tandoc Jr. and Heather Shoenberger showed the relation between the Facebook habits of Filipino users and their personality types and inclinations.

Targeted advertising is a strategy that makes use of the Internet to keep track of the websites that a certain user visits the most. This is done to determine what type of products will appear on a user’s account. If done correctly, this will be an effective way of promoting products and ideas because the advertisers are confident that the user is interested in their products.Targeted advertising in the Internet will work only if there is a high click-through rate. Whether it be in “like” pages where brands can technically sell and advertise for free or go through the process of online paid advertisements, the whole strategy depends on the company as to how they are going to maximize online advertising.

Although in the short term this may be considered a difficult strategy because the advertisers would need to find a way to check each user’s interests, this will no longer be a problem later on. This is because they know the interests of the user. They are assured that future advertisements about the same line of products will be interesting to the user. However, this poses a problem due to the fact that people have changing preferences so they would always have to keep track of the users’ latest interests.

While there is an expansion of digital media, the traditional forms of advertising, such as radio, newspaper, magazine, and television, will be affected as demand can decrease when advertisers resort to lower costs of advertising. This will give the advertising agencies another challenge to face. The internal rivalry may intensify the competition within the industry.

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