Aeropostale enters the Philippine fashion retailing scene.

Last May 2013, the retail giant, Aeropostale, finally began operations in our country, the Philippines[1]. It opened their flagship store at the Ground Floor of the New Glorietta in Makati City. The company collaborated with Stores Specialists Inc. who will be their exclusive distributors.

Yet again, another international brand has come to Manila primarily because they see great potential in the Filipino market. Aeropostale believes that the different styles and designs that their products have are absolutely fit for the Filipinos’ preferences, more specifically their target market of high school and college students. The apparel that the brand hands to their consumers complement the kinds that typical young Filipinos would wear. Moreover, the bright and trendy prints that they have are fitting for the Philippine tropical setting[2]. From tops to bottoms, and accessories, Aeropostale provides a wide variety for teenagers and young adults that would truly appreciate.

As mentioned earlier, Stores Specialty Inc. (SSI) is the one in-charge of retail and distribution of the brand here in the country. Known as a corporation that provides the Filipinos with different luxury and designer brands, they still took advantage of the opportunity to bring Aeropostale to the Filipinos because the brand brings out stylish and trendy apparel at an affordable price. The rise of the middle class in our country provides the perfect market for not only the brand, but the retailers as well.

It is important to take note that with the continuous growth the Filipino market that are fashion-conscious, there will also be continuous progress in the Philippine wearing apparel retail sector. It gives a chance for the local brands to update their styles and designs that would fit the current trends given that time period. On the other hand, this gives different retailers the opportunity to bring in international brands to our country.

Overall, the news about the bringing in of the brand of Aeropostale here in the country just proves the increase of demand for the latest trends in fashion which international brands truly wish to provide. Retailers and different brands, whether local or international, are most certainly eyeing the Philippines as a target market because of its great reception of these types of wearing apparel.

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*Photo lifted from Aeropostale PH's Facebook Page

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