Source: Donabelle Gatdula, Philstar.com (http://www.philstar.com/business/2013/10/03/1240724/travel-agencies-urge-businesses-cater-muslim-visitors)

More or less, the number of tourist arrivals in the given table gives a glimpse of the Muslim tourists coming in the Philippines. Based on the numbers, tourists coming from these places are only a few portion of the total. According to a study, tourism expenditures of Muslims reach up to $126B while Germany comes in second place, $111B.[1] Therefore, steps should be taken to increase tourist arrivals coming in from these Muslim countries such as providing them with facilities that are in accordance to their culture. This will not be a problem if the government will tap our Muslim brothers in Mindanao. If this will be done, it could also promote the tourism industry of Mindanao. However, the first step that the government should do is to provide security to tourists as well as citizens of Mindanao so as not to scare potential tourists from coming here. Providing Muslim-related services will be a good way to prepare the tourism industry in the upcoming ASEAN integration. On a last note, it will be a good move for the travel agency to offer services that are culturally-specific not only for Muslims but also Buddhists, etc. In this way, the Muslim side of our culture will also be showcased among these people.


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