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Last March 2010, Philippines was blacklisted by EU based on the poor results of safety measures by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). This July 2013, the ban was lifted because PAL was able to follow the aviation safety regulations and pass the on-site safety reviews. The unanimous decision came from the EU Air Safety Committee safety experts from the 28 member states.

It is now expected that there will be daily flights to EU destinations. In London alone, there will be 7 flights a week while 6-7 flights are expected to go to Paris. The daily flights will start on September or October and the destinations include Paris, London, Rome and Amsterdam. Malacañang Palace says that this is a sign of improvement in Philippine aviation standard. The Department of Tourism expects that there will be a boost in the tourism industry of the country.

Tourist arrivals from Europe (NSCB):
2010 - 353, 580
2011 - 383, 300
2012 - 433, 660

It is now expected that the tourist arrivals from Europe will jump to 600, 000. This will have an impact on the travel agencies as well because more tourists will be interested on their services. Cabalza, president if Philippine Travel Agencies Association (PTAA) said the expected increase in European visitors would result in higher tourism receipts as they are known to be high-spenders. PTAA data showed that a traveler from Europe usually spends $80 per day and stays here for at least eight days, even as the Philippines is reputed to be the eighth cheapest destination in Asia requiring an average of $18.52 a day to enjoy. This will have a positive effect on the revenues of travel agencies and the tourism industry in the country.



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