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Having been the third of the film series, the Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd Cruz starrer once again made history as it was recently proclaimed as the “Second Highest Grossing Film of All Time”, the “Highest-Grossing Non-MMFF Movie of all Time” and the “Highest Grossing Black Saturday Film of all Time” with a total gross of P387 Million, data according ABSCBN’s Distribution Director. Meanwhile, third party tabulator Box Office Mojo gathered the latest statistics that the film managed to reap a total of P584 Million worldwide as it was also shown in different countries across the globe. Having said all of these, what factors can we consider as the determinants of a film’s success in the box-office?

First, the “star power” once again ruled the box office as fans of both artists flocked cinemas even in its first day of showing, considering that it was a Black Saturday when it was shown. Their previous films A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life shown in 2008 and 2009 were the top Filipino movies in their time. Perhaps, the undeniable chemistry between the two lead characters left a lasting mark in the impression of the moviegoers.

Second, as a group, we think that the movie’s success is attributed to the positive word-of-mouth circulating in social media, which has now emerged as an effective tool in advertising and promoting consciousness about films. The history of Black Saturday openings of any film in Philippine cinema only managed to gross less than P20 Million pesos, although the record was beaten with this film’s astonishing P32.6 Million in the box office. Information was quickly disseminated through the overwhelming expressions and reactions of people who have watched the movie in theaters. Not only that, the fact that SM Cinemas provided four to five cinemas in its first week really counts a lot. The film managed to top the box-office for four weeks, the first time since 2010’s Avatar.

Third, what stimulated consciousness are the earlier promotions given to this film as the teaser was first shown during the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) and the trailer followed months after. 

Lastly, there is a possibility that the success can be attributed to it being a sequel of You Changed My Life which was last shown in 2009. It took four years before the John Lloyd-Sarah starrer was released in cinemas nationwide. The story of Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas then became highly relatable as people found a bit of reflection of the characters in their personal lives. Even critics, specifically the Cinema Evaluation Board, had given the three John Lloyd-Sarah starrer Rated A, which granted them 100% tax exemption. This just shows that the film has the capacity not only to rule the box office but also to please critics for the overall quality.  


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dapat lang si sarah geronimo ata yan


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