Location filming is the term coined when shooting films in an actual setting rather than in studios. Filmmakers or the producers often choose this kind of filming when they wanted to achieve greater realism or the illusion of reality. Of course, it can also be prompted by the production budget. 
               Low-budget production films would prefer location filming mainly because the production team would want to make do of the existing environment and minimize costs, rather than construct an artificial one. An example of this is our independent films that utilize location filming because of budget issues. On the other hand, when film producers with high budgets opt to shoot outside their studios or even outside their own country, they intend to achieve a real-world location that meets the requirements of the script. 
              Fortunately, they have the finances to explore and maybe feature one of the World's 100 Most Beautiful Islands and Beaches. Recently, some leading international film producers such as Columbia Pictures, 21st Century Fox, and Golan Films mentioned in the article by Charlie Lagasca and Raymund Catindig [1], see Cagayan’s Palaui Islands as one of the potential locations for movie production in the coming years. The country is not new to such international prestige when it comes to being chosen as a shooting location, in 2011, Deep Gold was filmed in Cebu and the Bourne Legacy in El Nido Palawan in 2012.

               According to an article by Karen Flores entitled "Why the PH movie industry is dying"[2], our local indie film producers has kept our film industry afloat amidst the falling revenues of major players.  Not only will location filming boost tourism in the Philippines, but also encourage more local films to be produced that may save our dying movie industry. Our local producers’ (both mainstream and indie) can imitate what these international movie outfits do which is produce movies that present realistic settings. This is even more advantageous in our country because of the richness of our natural resources and diverse tourist destinations. With location filming and with these international producers stressing the importance of realism, our indie film producers can use this opportunity to be one of our leading movie outfits. We do not have to look too far and spend too much because as what international film producers saw and our majority local producers have yet to see and utilize, venues for realism are just around the corner. 

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Image from: http://yvettetan.com/2012/08/13/palaui-island-cagayan-province/

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