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Quezon City Vice Mayor Ma. Josefina “Joy” Belmonte signed, on July 12, 2012, a Sister-City Agreement to renew its ties with the island of Guam.

This can be a good opportunity for the Philippines to further promote and establish internationally the medical tourism offered by the country.  Given that this is a new industry in the Philippines, which only started in 2005, the renewal of this Sister-City Agreement between Quezon City and Guam may help boost Philippine medical tourism in the sense that it may establish some sort of partnership with the said country.  

Guam is a strategically attractive market for Philippine medical tourism. The air travel distance from the Philippines to Guam is only 1548 miles.  If we travel with an airplane, it only takes 2 and a half hours, which means, people in Guam can easily come to the Philippines.  Consumption of people in Guam is relevantly high due to stable economic status. Nonetheless, it has very few dominant hospitals located in its region. The Philippines is nearer than mainland US, and of course, price of medication if much cheaper. Therefore, Philippines would be more attractive spot for patients from Guam.

Based on the group’s research, compared to other countries which offer medical tourism, the Philippines has not yet reached its peak and is still climbing its way up the ladder because as mentioned it only started in 2005.  It was stated in the article that many of the people of Guam are now going to the Philippines for their medical treatment, especially in St. Luke’s Hospital Quezon City.  

Guam and the Philippines have the potential to share their medical tourism markets to allow them to progress together. Essentially, Guam is predominantly a tourist hotspot primarily focusing on vacation tourism. Guam, being a colony of the United States, allows ease of access travel to the Philippines due to their diplomatic relations. By renewing their ties, Philippines and Guam’s Medical tour packages could coincide with one another to support each other’s country by adding to their potential market share. Imagine people who’ve always wanted to vacation in Guam and get cheaper surgical services as well. With this, people who live in Guam or are planning to visit Guam can stop by the Philippines, have surgery, and enjoy a painless trip to Guam due to its close proximity to the Philippines.

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Macapagal, Louine
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