During the first half of this year, the country’s agriculture industry grew by 1.44 percent (%).The fishery subsector contributed 18.1 % to total agricultural production during the first half of the year. It posted a negative growth (-3.17%) during the first semester of 2012. The poultry and livestock sectors also posted positive gains, at 4.39% and 2.12%, respectively. The two subsectors contributed 30% to total agricultural production, grossing P86.4 billion and P111.8 billion, respectively, at current prices. Palay production also increased by 1.34% to eight million metric tons (MMT), worth P129 billion at current prices, versus last year’s harvest of 7.89 MMT during the same six-month period.The total gross value of various agricultural products during the first semester of 2013 amounted to P697.2 billion, at current prices.

In 2012, the contribution of agricultural industry in economy has reached a low point of 11.1%, almost one-third of its contribution back in 1946.Agriculture grew by 2.92 percent in 2012 and a growth of 3.30 % has been recorded for initial 3 months of the current year 2013 and this is due to the increase in production in all agricultural subsectors. There was an upward trend in the subsector of crops and livestock/poultry although the latter showed a much slower pace in increase. Despite the negative growth registered in the fisheries subsector, the increase this year has noticeably been the highest among all agricultural subsectors. Emphasizing current prices, the agriculture sector has already grossed at P352.5 billion which also represents an astonishing 3.33% growth as compared to its performance last year.
PictureImage Source: www.renewableenerhy.ph
As compared to the past decades, the growth of agricultural industry has demonstrated bigger development than expected. Furthermore, Dr. William Dar, the Director-General of India-based International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (Icrisat) said that about 80 percent of the DA’s budget is allocated to rice production, and only 20 percent for other commodities. He likewise emphasized that fisheries and livestock subsectors should also be developed. The importance of the distribution of budget for each subsector of agricultural industry should be considered for the more development of the general agriculture sector of the country. 

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