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Philippines Airlines started flying to the city of Guangzhou in China last July 16, 2013. The city of Guangzhou is one of the most progressive cities in China. In fact, Guangzhou is the 3rd ranked city for business, only under Beijing and Shanghai, respectively. It also has a big population, consisting of 12 million, the third largest city, also under Shanghai and Beijing, respectively, as well. Besides this, Guangzhou is a very rich city, garnering a growth rate of 11% last 2011 and 13% in 2010. In addition, it also achieved a milestone by reaching a 1 trillion Yuan GDP last 2010, the third city in China to achieve this, also under Beijing and Shanghai. The city, is not just rich as a whole, it also has rich citizens having an 11,000USD per capita income (2006) and a 2.42% unemployment rate.

Given the facts above, the people of Guangzhou can bring great opportunities to the country and its citizens. Since PAL will generate a direct access to the city, it would provide a convenient access to the richness of the city and its citizens. Business can be generated and expand and the number of tourists has a large potential to grow in both parties. 

Guangzhou is one of the western influenced cities in China since it is secluded by mountains; the mainland citizens during those times had little access to the area. This fact can be beneficial to the Philippines because it would be easier to interact to the same influences as the Filipinos have.


Flores, Mary Gail
Navlani, Deepak
Ner, Ma. Katrina
Oppus, Christopher Dominic


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