Article by Tina Arceo-Dumlao

In an article released by the Philippine Inquirer last April 27, 2013 was about the coffee industry and how an outsider sees the coffee products of the country. In this article, Jay Isais, a United States based coffee expert of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf commented on how they honestly look at the coffee products being produced by the country. According to Isais, Philippines coffee is not at all considered by other nations to supply their demand for coffee because of the quality of its coffees and the “lack of knowledge in large coffee markets”. Also, he commented that Philippines coffee is not consistent, and this he says, is what the Philippine coffee farmers need to work on. He recommended that the coffee industry in the country has the potential to prosper. Only with the consistency of taste and the unique taste brought by the farming conditions of fields.

From this article, we can see that the Philippines has a lot more to work on in terms of the coffee industry. An outside perspective can serve as a wakeup call or an indicator of the reality of the current condition of the industry, locally. We should learn from this and try to adopt certain frameworks on how to make the industry productive again. Many Filipinos make coffee part of their daily lives for various reasons. And based from studies, coffee is the second most sought after potable product, it just below water. The country should take advantage of this fact to motivate them in giving the coffee industry a boost in production.


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