The New York Asian Film Festival is an opportunity for international films to be screened in the USA. The 2013 New York Asian Film Festival features 63 films with 5 slots available for Asian film premieres. Having a film selected to be screened in the NYAFF would be a privilege and honor for any film director and producer. It would imply that the film is of international quality and worth watching. During the twelfth NYAFF, this year, a Filipino film was screened in New York and generated positive reviews and comments. The film is Aparisyon, a story about Philippine nuns and their roles during the EDSA People Power Revolution. [1]   

With the current struggle of the local film industry, it has become rather difficult for film producers to increase the volume of local films to be screened in the cinemas. Difficulties faced such as the multiple taxes that producing a film will have to undertake creates disincentives for investors to invest in the film industry. The film business has been characterized as a high-risk investment.”[2] If investors are afraid to invest in the film industry, then funds necessary for the production of projects will be difficult to raise, and therefore the problem of low volumes of locally produced films will continue to exist. However, with a breakthrough in the Philippine film industry, an example of which is the screening of Aparisyon in the NYAFF, perhaps more directors and producers will find the motivation to continue accomplishing Philippine films.

The twelfth NYAFF was held from June 28 to July 15 this year and surprisingly involved the show case of a Filipino film. After a decade without any screening of a Filipino film in the NYAFF, the Philippine film industry can now have something bright to look forward to. With the achievement of Aparisyon, investors may see the potential of local movies being successful overseas, and thus lead them to invest more in the film industry.  The NYAFF lined up Filipino movies under the festival’s special focus called “Manila Chronicles: the New Filipino Cinema, all this signifying the success of the selected Philippine films.

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Article from: AJ Press. “‘New Filipino Cinema’ takes center stage in NY“| Inquirer Entertainment." Inquirer Entertainment. (July 16, 2013).  (Accessed August 23, 2013)

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