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In a follow-up report to last week’s commentary on Manny V. Pangilinan’s prospective endeavor on the acquisition of majority of the shares of GMA Network Inc., the news article implies a higher probability of success for the endeavor as it states Pangilinan’s hopes of closing the investment deal before the end of the year.

In addition, it was also stated in the previous commentary that upon acquisition of GMA Network, Inc. alongside MVP’s previous acquisition of the ABC (TV5) broadcasting TV network, the merger will result in a market capture of more than 50% in audience viewership which will imply greater monopoly power over its competitors. However, another aspect to be speculated upon is the potential innovation of the television broadcasting industry. Bear in mind that upon the acquisition of GMA Network, there is a possibility of technological diversification and innovation through the network of companies under Pangilinan (PLDT, ABC – TV5, and GMA).  There will be a potential base and foundation for the establishment of multimedia and multi-platform broadcasting activities in line with the current advancements in advertising such as blogs, social media sites, and photo hosting services. 

“Video killed the radio star” as the famous song goes. And in today’s technology, it is not far that the power of the internet may take over the technology of television broadcasting. For Pangilinan and his party, the prospective merger may prove to be a significant stepping stone towards the reinvention and innovation of the whole broadcasting industry. Adapting externally to the modernizing elements of broadcasting and advertising may be one of the most crucial factors for any firm in the industry. Innovation is good as it promotes comprehensive development and advancement of any technology. However, fair competition must also be taken into consideration in any market play of a particular industry.

Collamar, Lester
Lavapie, Jestine Dale
Pinto, John

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