Mindanao can be considered as a main attraction of the Philippines to foreign tourists. Politicians also recognized the island as the “Land of Promise” because of its vast resources and attractive destinations. Some of which are Cagayan de Oro, Davao City and Camiguin Island.

According to President Aquino, there will be preparations for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 through the developments in Mindanao. He recognizes that there is great potential in the infrastructure, agriculture and tourism sectors of Mindanao. Because of this, P61.54 billion was allotted for road, bridge, and other infrastructure projects in Mindanao for 2011-2014. These projects will significantly boost the tourism industry because there will be efficiency in terms of the transportation of the tourists. Moreover, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and the Philippine Port Authority are in the process of constructing or rehabilitating 15 airports and 46 ports. These improvements might positively affect the tourist arrivals in Mindanao, which is estimated to 1,482,801 in 2012.

Because of the great potential of Mindanao as a tourist destination, there is a high probability that it will induce demand for travel agencies that will cater to the needs of those interested to see the beauty of Mindanao. If properly regulated and advertised by the firms as well as the government, more foreign tourists will recognize Mindanao as a tourist destination.

However, as of the moment, there is a series of bombings in Mindanao that is detrimental for the tourism industry. The government should work hard in maintaining peace and order so as not decrease the attractiveness of Mindanao to foreigners as well as domestic tourists.

News:  http://www.philstar.com/business/2013/08/10/1071571/p-noy-vows-help-mdanao-prepare-asean-integration


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