Substitute products are made by competitors and pose threats to major players. These products are not only made by competitors because major firms themselves create substitutes in order to cope with the changing demands of their consumers. Yahoo news represents the former because of its ability to share news online rather than providing them in-print. On the other hand, the former is characterized by ANC since it is a product of a free-to-air broadcast station, ABS-CBN. This cable channel aims to extend ABS-CBN’s services by airing news 24/7.

ANC and Yahoo recently joined together in sharing news to Filipino consumers. According to ANC’s Chief Operating Officer, Cilette Liboro-Co, the partnership will provide Yahoo! the latest news and information directly from ANC’s live on-air newscast. As for ANC, it will have a section in yahoo’s web page wherein online articles, photos, and video clips of news reports, features and interviews would be seen by internet users. Apart from the transaction mentioned between these two firms, a twitter account is also at hand to extend their services to social media users.

ANC’s Co views the partnership as a way to expand the news channel’s reach to Yahoo!, the trusted source of news to the mobile generation of Filipinos. Ging Reyes, ANC’s Managing Director, also said that the partnership news will be delivered to Yahoo!’s large audience base of over 2 million users daily. Meanwhile, Yahoo!’s country manager, Kate Delos Reyes, sees this collaboration for Yahoo! as a building scale to reach more targeted audiences and means to grasping news innovatively. Also, Delos Reyes said that this tie-up aims reinvent how consumers can access news across screens. It is seen that Yahoo is trying to build a strong presence on TV.

At present, different forms of news-giving bodies have adapted to changes in the world of media. In fact, newspaper companies have their own websites and social media accounts to extend its ability to provide news to Filipinos. Their actions suggest that they have resulted to substitutes in continuing to sustain and to expand audiences. Although this is currently happening, through the partnership of ANC and Yahoo!, their combined technologies, market share, and strong image builds a competitive advantage in favor of them. Other companies may be threatened by this strong partnership.

Yahoo! is not new in this type of partnership as it has made collaborations with BBC News, NBC Sport and CBNC, however; this is the first one in Southeast Asia.

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