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The modern world of today has given rise to the exponential growth of technology. With the discovery and advent of stem cells, the medical world has seen a substantial rise in medical technology. Stem cell research has opened the way for scientists and doctors to better understand the machinations and complexity of the human body. Stem cells can be described as the bodies “One for all cells.” Stem cells have limitless potential because they are the pre-cursor to human development. Imagine a cell that can change its structure to match any type of cell that the body has and in essence “rejuvenate” its process. For a baby to even develop his or hers new organs and bone structure, his stem cells first apply the blueprints for his body. These cells can be harvested and used for virtually anything in the body from regenerating tissue to even recreating new organs. The issue regarding stem cell research stems from the study itself being relatively new and not fully understood yet many medical practitioners’ already offer therapies based solely on stem cells. That is the issue Dr. Ramon F. Abarquez brings up in this article.

Stem cells have the potential to change and improve everything we know about the medical sciences yet we still don’t fully understand the science yet. Many medical tourists flock to Asia specifically because of what they hear about the potential of stem cell therapies yet their countries prohibit the practice because it hasn’t been medically proven yet. The tourists go to countries with relaxed laws regarding stem cell therapies so that they can avail to the procedures. These medical tourist patients are practically gambling because they have the potential to be part of a revolutionary treatment that can help cure their ailments or be victims to its unknown devastating potential. The article calls into question what we know about stem cells now and if it’s worth taking the risk to try the therapies out there. 

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Macapagal, Louine
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