"having a large market attracts them 
into starting their businesses here"
            The Fashion retail industry here in the Philippines has most certainly been going strong over the past two years. The [1]industry is empowered by a vast group of young consumers and a swiftly expanding middle class that have high disposable wages. These groups show much interest to the Western type of clothing and are very much well aware of foreign brands.

            In the article that we found entitled, [2]“Why foreign giants are coming to Manila” by Jica Lapena, we learn more about the different global brands that have been opening different branches in our country. These international brands were no less of big names, such as Uniqlo from Japan, Forever21 from the United States, Miss Selfridge from the U.K., Basic House from Korea, and Cotton On from Australia. These brands are brought to our country by some of the different leading retail investment corporations found here such as SM Investment Corp., The Bench Group, and Robinson’s Specialty Stores, Inc.

Throughout the article, we were able to see the different driving forces for these brands to start opening shops in our country. First and foremost, the Filipino people really have been positively receptive of the different styles that these brands have to offer. Consequently, having a large market attracts them into starting their businesses here knowing that Filipino consumers are very much more than willing to spend for their products. Next is that these brands believe that Filipinos have a good sense for fashion, its trends, and value. The styles that the people of the Philippines appreciate greatly manifests what these brands particularly want to bring out in their products. Lastly, there is no question that Filipinos are greatly attracted to sales. Once sales are announced, people almost always grab the opportunity to shop and look for the different apparel that they prefer. They crowd the numerous retail outlets and have a sort of  ‘shopping frenzy.’

As much as these brands want to open stores here in the Philippines, it is also important to take note that the different leading retail investment corporations also knew of the whole situation regarding our country’s awareness and preferences in fashion. The Philippines being a good market for the products that these brands have to offer led them in to promoting these global brands in our home country.

Overall, the article helped in a way that we were able to find out brief but significant information about the different players in the Philippine Fashion retail industry. The different driving forces behind the ideas of both the different international brands and the country’s leading retail investment corporations provide us a good background in our study of the industry.

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[2] Lapena, Jica. "Why foreign clothing giants are coming to Manila." February 6, 2013, http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/292455/lifestyle/design/why-foreign-clothing-giants-are-coming-to-manila (accessed July 19, 2013).

Note: The photo attached to this article was taken from http://philippinestreetfashion.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/cast.jpg.

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