The Philippines agri-business poses string potential in different products such as livestock, palm oil, and sugar. Said potential may be apparent in the next 5 years and this is according the Business Monitor International (BMI). The London-based research also reveals that the agriculture; industry in Mindanao may be revived through agricultural investment. The two countries – the Philippines and Malaysia may begin to go forward with their long-held initiatives to develop the palm oil industry and plantations. However, the security problems as well environment-related concerns are among the top problems that the country should be cautious about. The reservation of BMI is clearly based on matters involving with MILF as well as infrastructure projects that are yet to be discussed or executed. The issue on transportation is also among the top concerns as well. The BMI has the prediction that there will be an augmentation in terms of sugar output that would reach 29.2% by the crop year 2016-2017. The harvest is also forecasted to have reached an astonishing 2.9 million of rice tons. The increase in commercial farming is also executed during the second year. Commercial farming is also expected to increase alomgside side the domestic threats or virus within a system.

In 2013, Livestock production increased by 2.12 percent and the subsector contributed 15.53 percent to total agricultural production. Production of hog increases at 2.36 percent and cattle at 2.28 percent. At current prices, the subsector grossed P111.8 billion, up by 11.43 percent from last year's earnings.The poultry subsector accounted for 14.58 percent of the total agricultural production. It registered 4.39 percent growth in output. Chicken production which increased by 5.05 percent was the main source of growth. The subsector grossed P86.4 billion at current prices. This was 6.25 percent higher from last year's earning. Overall, Output increases from the livestock and poultry contributed to the overall production gain in 2013. It would make us expect to continue growth in next year and furthe runtill in 2017.

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Bamba, John Ray
Canovas, Raphael
Lee, Sohyun
Pascual, Emmanuel Gerardo

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