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The AMA Group of Companies is investing 60 Billion Pesos over the next 10 years in various property developments. Their main property subsidiary, Picar Development, Inc., a fairly new entrant in the world of the real estate business, ambitions to set its position in the industry through the execution of big projects such as the 74-story tower in Makati which is said to possibly become the tallest skyscraper in the country, and what they call “Telepolis” which will be the first completely wifi-enabled township. These are only two out of the 10 to 15 real estate projects Picar is planning to develop in the described time period.

Since it was established in 2007, Picar has invested 400 Million Pesos in property developments which include a mix of both residential and commercial projects. For its first few years, Picar has ventured mostly in residential property developments such as the Chelsea and Stratford Residences, but in the next years to come, they are planning to expand into developing more commercial properties, extending this as well to other metropolitan regions outside NCR.[1]

What makes this company a hot target in the run for potential rising industry players is how they manage to effectively utilize their investments through an effective development process, which has also turned out to produce high-quality property developments. In 2009, their Stratford Residences was awarded “Best Architectural Design”.

Picar Development Inc.’s investments and achievements together with their most recent 60 billon, 10-year plan aligns with the company’s vision to be one of the top five real estate industry players in the next three years, running against established real estate players such as Ayala Land (ALI), Filinvest Development Corp (FDC) and other listed property companies. This presents more competition on the area of Real Estate Investing, thus giving rise to better quality offers in property development.

[1] James Loyola, “Picar Plans 2012 Stock Listing,” Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation,  July 11, 2012.

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