News article from by Fernan J. Angeles

Politics may greatly affect the advertising industry especially when the election season draws nearer. Aspiring politicians spend millions of money on outdoor and TV advertising. However, in the case of some advertising executives, their action of showing an advertisement to the public with President Noynoy Aquino and TESDA Chief Joel Villanueva in it provoked a backlash to the public especially the ones active in social media sites in the Internet.

We believe that advertising agencies should be very cautious to what they show to their audience. In the Advertising Code of Ethics, political advertisements are not required to go through the screening clearance. With this, we see why politicians always use the media---billboards, tv ads, etc.—to conduct their political campaigns because it is the easiest way to reach the general public. To this, politicians can take advantage of it that the advertising industry wants to spare
itself from losing integrity and sincerity in political advertising. Moreover, advertising must be used positively, and with politicians advertising themselves on national programs, it somehow shows that they are selling themselves to the public, instead of showing the public the success of their programs. The public then can mistakenly honor the politicians’ name instead of the politicians’ contributions to nation-building, thus, contributing to the politicians’ campaigns for the coming

We believe that more advertising agencies should be aware of the environment or types of advertising that certain product or services belong to. Responsible advertising must first be prioritized in order to serve the general public.

Although we strongly believe that advertisers and advertising agencies must be responsible in all the ads they show to the public, we also consider the fact that the audience should be more responsible in making judgments about the advertisements they see. Not all advertisements with politicians and powerful men wish to seek the vote of the public. However, in the case that the ads are actually for election purposes, the public must be wise enough to look more into what the politicians have achieved more than what they see on advertisements. Advertising may be a powerful tool for gaining votes for elections, but we think that a more powerful tool are the contributions to the betterment of the public.

Adriano, Angela
Galang, Gianne
Rivera, Carmina 

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