Article by John Maxfield

There are lots of indicators the investors use to decide whether they will be putting their money in a particular company or not. The firms’ good reputation, high financial stability and good qualities of goods and services are some examples the investors are looking into. Above all, good financial record is the most essential which JP Morgan Chase has been struggling with. J.P. Morgan has been one of the top outsourcing industries around the world and begun operating in the Philippines since 1961. However, the financial stability of their organization in London has not been in good condition that can affect their other organizations extended in different part of the world.

In the news, the company CEO bought shares with an average price of $34.27 using the 75% (17 million dollars) of 2011 compensation funds, a strategically approach to attract more investors. As result, there would be lots of investors putting their money in J.P. Morgan and this will decrease the loss incur for the past 2 months.  The reporter, John Maxfield said that insiders’ purchases of stock would be a powerful tool for the JP Morgan to somehow compensate the damages of the London Scandal.

 Even though Dimon's money would put into a great risk, he still the bought stock for the sake of the company. If this would become successful overtime, J.P. Morgan specially its CEO would be able to gain large outputs.Furthermore, there would be lots of investments continuously coming in and as a result, technological developments and innovations in its extended organizations would be possible.

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