Here is the proposed constitution of the University Student Government of UA&P. Please take time to read it and vote by signing tomorrow at PROM A if you want it ratified. Unitas!
Please download and install Gretl on your computers for the lecture that will be given by Mr. Jared Desello. Afterwhich, download the following files from this page.

Files for Gretl Exercises
1. Forecasting Dataset (Excel file)
2. Autocollinearity (Gretl file)
3. Multicollinearity (Gretl file)
4. Autocorrelation (Gretl file)

Here are some of the resources that are available for downloading. Thanks!

Status Report Template
ECO422 Syllabus
Industry Analysis Outline

Check your industry and mentor assignments after the break. God bless!

     Research Seminar 1 (ECO 422) focuses on the importance of industry analysis to firms in making strategic decisions. It relates the firm to the nation and deals with the general determinants of the market behavior of Philippine manufacturing and service firms.

     Different frameworks will be introduced in the course along with tools and techniques used in analyzing an industry. An excellent understanding of the links between industry trends and performance and firm-level strategies is expected upon the completion of the course.

     Have a great semester everyone! God bless!